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PX4 on the go Solutions

About Us

Drone Solutions is a consulting firm whose core business is based on drone technology development. We think that open source is very important and use a lot of software and technology based on this concept.

You can expect the utmost professionalism on our part for the services we provide.

What We do

Controllers Tuning

The controllers evaluate the sensor data and drive the motors accordingly. In Drone Solutions we know the importance of a tuned controller for a stable flight.

Electronics & PCB design

We are proficient in all aspects of PCB design and have the expertise to provide a full board design and find the correct working solutions.

Drone Solutions have been working with PX4 on a vast number of projects for a few years. Thus, we are prepared to deliver solutions based on this software.

Computer Vision

Computer vision enable computers to use visual data to interpret the environment around them, allowing the drone to detect and avoid obstacles. Working with PX4 for some years makes us keen in the implementation of computer vision solutions.


ROS is a flexible framework for writing robot software. It aims to simplify the task of creating complex and robust robot behavior across a wide variety of robotic platforms. We have experience on this framework and we can give you the solutions you need.

Open Source

Open source is good for everyone because being open and freely available, enables collaboration and improvement in technology.

the Praise from Our Customers and Partners

Uncensored Feedback Direct From Our Customers and Partners

“Nuno Marques is hands-down one of the hardest working and most dedicated drone developers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge is wide and deep — from advanced telemetry and communications, (…) to vision-based navigation.”

Daniel Pepper

CEO @ Vayu, Inc.

“Nuno is a highly skilled PX4 developer. He was easily able to resolve our issues with vision integration using MAVROS. I would confidently recommend Nuno to anyone who is developing an autonomous quadcopter.”

Shobhit Mehrotra

CEO @ Airlitix

“We have worked with Nuno for over a year and he has been a great asset for our team. We have often been in the situation were we couldn’t figure out how a particular feature of the PX4 stack worked, or wether the documentation that described it was up to date, or wether indeed what we wanted to achieve was possible. For a startup like us time of is the essence so having the support of someone with the experience and knowledge of Nuno has proven a extremely valuable time saver.. Also knowing that Nuno could develop any necessary PX4 related feature independently has given us a lot of peace of mind as it minimises our development risk.”

Eduardo Aldaz Carroll


“I had the pleasure of working with Nuno on 2 projects that demanded technical support at short notice. Nuno demonstrated a great positive attitude in solving the problem statement, with a great professional commitment and remarkable technical knowledge and skills. It was a successful project and I look forward to working with Nuno again. I highly recommend Nuno for any project that requires expertise in PX4 stack, C++ and computer vision.”

Gokul Krishna Srinivasan

CTO @ Third Space Auto

Our Team

Nuno Marques

Open-Source Drone Solutions Consultant​


Over 5 years of drone techonlogy consultancy, working with leading companies in different industries using PX4-powered vehicles. Highly adaptable and self-disciplined. Drone evangelist.


Excellent partners, to form a perfect consultant team
Drone Crew

Open source autopilot consulting

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    Where to find us

    Lisbon - Portugal